Stop waiting for drops.
Just make a Wish!

And while you're at it, ask your stars for the moon…

Everything you could ask for, and more…

Unseen footage? Never heard before music? Music manuscripts with notes and scribbles? Banter with your hero? Exclusive prints? Ask, and you shall receive.


Exclusive music, voice notes and more from your favourite musicians.


World premiere of clips and scenes, only for your eyes.


Art like you’ve never seen before, by the most sought after artists.

Pick a Shoutout. Go from Fan to Friend!

Or collaborator. Or advisor. Your stars are looking for conversations. With you. Look out for Artist shoutouts with specific requirements. Reach out. Who knows where that might lead to?

Oh, and the Owner's Lounge is this way!

Like business class lounges, but better. Meet other handpicked investors and collectors in an exclusive club. Show off, win gifts, exclusive experiences, or life-altering discoveries. Who's to say?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WishWorld?

WishWorld is the magical place where your dreams come true. You get to interact with your favorite artists, get exclusive access to their new work, and more. You can purchase new music albums before everyone else, watch your favorite new movie, or win a chance to work with your favorite artist. The possibilities are endless.

What is the Owner's Lounge?

When you buy something made by your favorite artist, you get exclusive access to the Owner’s lounge. There, you can meet other fans and collectors, meet new artists, and get even more exclusive access to new items.

What are Artist Shoutouts?

Here in Wishworld, you not only have access to the art, but also the artist! They will come directly to the platform, make exciting new announcements, and interact with you directly. They will give periodic updates, shoutouts about their work and many new exciting ways to work and interact with them.

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